Giving Back to the Community

I started running in the 4th grade because I was beating all of the boys in PE class. From there, I begged my mom to let me start running her 6 mile route with her. I gradually built up to be able to run the whole length with her and in a short time was faster than her! The rest is history. I love the sport because when I am running I feel pure joy, peace and happiness.

I feel blessed to have had success at a high level which has allowed me the opportunity to meet so many different people and share my story. Giving back right now has meant coaching, speaking engagements, and various collaborations. Read on below to find out more!


I am excited to offer these two new services.
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Online Coaching

Customized plans with high level support including strength training, nutrition advice, mental preparation for runners of all levels. I like to tailor it to individual clients so please contact me with your specific ideas and needs. I only accept a few clients at a time since it’s very individualized so please secure a spot asap!

School/Speaking/Event Engagements

Past experiences include motivational talks, workshops, testimonies of my faith, advice for youth runners at several high school/college xc and track teams, marathon expo events, church groups, Bible studies, and radio, podcast interviews. Happy to be creative to any ideas you have!

“It’s not pressure unless you’re not prepared.” Colin Kaepernick


I had the privilege of working with Jordan while she was running for Mission College Prep. I also taught Second Grade and had the honor of Jordan visiting my classes during that time. The students absolutely adored her and hung onto her priceless words of wisdom. She shared what a typical day looks like for her. She stressed the importance of doing your homework “so you can get into a good college” and the importance of getting a good nights sleep – of course working in her training schedule. And they enjoyed dressing as her for Halloween! We had a life size poster of Jordan that the kids could measure themselves and see how they have grown. Her shoes were tied in multiple knots and was visible in the picture. We used to tell the kids to put a “Jordan Knot” in their shoes so they would stay tied. During one visit one of the kids asked Jordan “Do you get nervous before you race?” Jordan’s response was “Yes, but being nervous means you care!” That response is one I have repeated on multiple occasions and has been a source of comfort to so many. Just last week a runner said he was really nervous before his race. I shared those words of wisdom that were so helpful. They have helped multiple youngsters feel comfort before their First Communion, Performances, sporting events, etc. it has also been comforting for their parents, especially coming from Jordan. What a great role model for our youngsters to look up to!


2nd Grade Teacher, Old Mission School

I had started on a Marathon journey on my own and was struggling, I decided to work with Jordan and my running and mindset changed. She was able to help me recover from injuries, speed my splits, and helped me not just through running but in workouts to support the running. I couldn’t have asked for better support, engagement and coaching.


Coached to running his first ever marathon.


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